New Cataloug!!

Hey Pandas!!

Maja ere!

Well Pandas theres a new pandanda clothing catalog well its the same one as last years but now everyone can join the fun.

Wow even fitch has an elf’s hat.

Well thats the clothing catalog.

Here goes the furniture catalog.

Heres Mr Elmerhurst wearing a santa’s hat and also hes selling christmas items.

Heres the first page

Heres the second page.

Thanks The Panda Guide for the pics!!


To go to The Panda Guide Click Here


Summer Festival!

This monday is a special celebration. The Summer Festival! Everyones telling me how its going to be awesome! Also, when the summer festival does come, the coconut beach will be availible to all pandas. I just cant wait!

Coconut Beach!

Hey Guys pandanda has now released the coconut beach,but only elite members can enter.Here are some pictures of the coconut beach and the cocos you can get from the coconut beach to exchange for coins. Lolz Hope you enjoy been at the coconut beach with your friends.~sgslider


Hey guys! School’s out and plan to make at least one post every day (when needed) for the entire summer (except for trips) Thanks! Here’s a brief list of what will be going on this summer:

More Contests!

Hiring Authors!




Super Contests!

Credit specials!


And definitely much more so keep checking back. Also, click HERE for the major contest now through the 6th! Thanks guys.


Im Back!

Yes its me! I know i quit pandanda, but yesterday there was nothing to do, so i went on it. It turned out to be the bomb! So i will be posting from time to time, 2-5 times a week maybe. Rock on!

Cinco de mayo!

Hey Guys “Cinco de Mayo” is here with a “Sombrero”to celebrate with other pandas!Here are some pictures of what the cinco de mayo party looks like and the special sombrero item!                                                                    Hope you enjoy celebrating cinco de mayo’s party with other pandas. ~sgslider


Hey guys its rocker66843! I just got a question for Jgh Rocks,Maja, and for Pizza. When are we doing Pandanda TV??? Cuz we said a long time ago that we were planning a party and then the show but u guys never showed up.Sooo guys plz comment and tell me when are we doing Pandanda TV.Oh and by the way, tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo,So there is a party tomorrow and for the ppl that log in,you will receive a gift.                                                                   Later guys,~Rocker66843~